What We Offer

In-Home and On-Site Service

We provide custom orthotics to you wherever you are, whether at home, work or elsewhere.  Save yourself the time and stresses of travelling to your appointments by choosing us!

Detailed Assessment

We provide a full and detailed assessment during your initial appointment, including: a biomechanical assessment, visual gait analysis, footwear recommendations, and patient education. At this time, we take an accurate casting of your feet using a foam box impression. We will use this cast to create your custom orthotics which will typically be ready within 2 weeks.  A typical assessment takes about 45 minutes.

Assessment only Price: $40 (Included in the price of your orthotics)

Custom Orthotics Pricing: $450-500.  Includes any orthotic modifications or adjustments for up to 6 months after your fitting date!

Shoe Education and Recommendations

During your assessment, we will discuss which shoes you will want to fit your orthotics into, and observe your current footwear. We will also recommend proper footwear for your foot type and condition, as well as proper shoe fitting education.

Fitting Appointment

During your fitting appointment we will fit your new orthotics to your shoes and ensure that there is a comfortable fit. At this time we will also explain how to break in your new orthotics.  A typical fitting appointment will take about 20-30 minutes.

Direct Billing with Greenshield and Bluecross

We have direct billing available with Greenshield and Bluecross for easy claim submission! That doesn’t mean we can’t help you if you are with another provider. You will still be able to process your claim, only you will need to submit your paperwork yourself.  If you need assistance filling out your claim forms, we can help!

In-Clinic Appointments

We understand that not everyone feels comfortable with having someone come to their home.  That why we also have an office space available with an on-site lab! Please contact us directly via email or phone to book an in-office appointment.

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