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How much do orthotics cost?

The cost of custom orthotics ranges from $450-500 depending on the type of orthotic to be made.  Occasionally, adjustments or modifications may need to be done to your orthotics.  Although modifications or adjustments are not very common, they are included […]

How Do Orthotics Work?

How can orthotics help me? Many people do not realize that issues with your feet can cause further problems throughout the body. Your feet support your entire body!  Think about the base of a building.  If the foundation is weak […]

What do I need before I can order custom orthotics?

You will need a prescription from a medical doctor in order to have custom orthotics dispensed to you. Check what is required by your extended health benefit plan, as most insurance companies require a specific diagnosis on the prescription for […]

What do I need for my assessment?

A prescription from a medical doctor is required to obtain custom orthotics.  We ask that you are prepared with your prescription at your assessment.  Know your extended health benefit coverage prior to your appointment.  Also, please have shoes that you […]

How long do orthotics last?

The longevity of your orthotics depends on a number of factors such as usage, work surface, training surface, weight-bearing hours, type of activities, body weight and shoe type. Typically, someone who works in a factory will burn through a pair […]

Will my benefits cover custom orthotics?

We recommend that you check with your extended health benefit carrier to see if you are covered for orthotics before you book your appointment. Most plans cover at least a percentage of the cost and some will fully cover the […]

Will I need to get used to my new orthotics?

When you first get your new orthotics, you will have to break them in.  It’s usually best to start with 1 hour of wearing time on the first day and then add an hour each day. Within 3-4 weeks, you […]